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Guilherme (Gui) Athia, founder of the Atlantico network, has substantial experience in Brazil. He was director of Alcatel, Renault, PMI, and Nike for Brazil / Latin America. He was chair of several business associations and is member of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance - IBGC. 

In Europe since 2014, he was Nike VP Government and Public Affairs EMEA, board member of the Federation of European Sporting Goods Industry  Vice-Chair Operations at AmCham EU. He founded Atlantico in 2018, became a member of the INSEAD Belgium Academy, part of the OECD Coalition of Influencers on Integrity for Public Decision-Making, member of nonprofit boards, and Latin America Coordinator for the Brussels Diplomatic Academy at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 


Atlantico's networking structure allows us to offer specialized services as a full-service agency with reduced fixed costs, which supports our competitive pricing strategy. We have partners in Brasilia, São Paulo, London, Brussels, and Lisbon.


Email: you.navigate@atlantico.be
Phone: +32 (0) 478 71 84 05


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